This week I have learned:

  • it wasn’t really until the coffin switched to the hearse that it started to mean something to me. Then I could relate. To the death of my Grandad, of my Gran, of my aunt.
  • the pent-up tsunami of politics that was coming after the events of Monday was both expected and even more dismal than I had imagined.
  • it’s relieving when observations shared with a client about how things might be improved are taken with good faith and become the start of further conversations. It’s a sign of trust.
  • catching up with former colleagues is fun. It’s made me realise I’ve very much let go of the baby from my last place, though.
  • something I’ve know for a while (it was a Mark B observation) but a sales funnel isn’t a funnel, it’s a sieve. A funnel assumes everything goes through. That’s not how selling works.
  • having a diverse set of professional interests is a multiplying thing. More people get introduced, bigger networks ensue to extend and extend. Introducing people to one another is one of the most rewarding things I do.
  • I’m almost enjoying running at the moment. I think it’s because the app I’m now using gives me lots of variation in what I do.

Next week: Instigation

The week in photos:

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