This week I have learned:

  • the importance of nomenclature. Look, what you call things really matters. Particularly if you call different things by the same term, or use terms that mean something different to different people.
  • whilst techniques in technology projects might be transferable across contexts, sometimes you need people with domain expertise. That might be because the subject is simply too deep to be understood in a timely way. It might be because practitioners need a depth of domain knowledge to have credibility with the people they are researching. Seen this in a few sectors now – law and pharma spring to mind.
  • designing software to be used by software people is a challenge. Because software people are building the software for software people the old GDS mantra of “You are not the user” is a particular issue.
  • I guess it’s so ingrained in me, from building relational databases at university and ever since, but I really struggle with how so many people see data as such an abstract thing. But they do, and it’s something I need to try to unlearn a bit.
  • I’m going to be very glad when all these shenanigans are over and we can get back to being appalled at the actions of the ruling party.
  • I was really struck by how much the City of London has been “developed” when a photo popped up on Google Photos this week from the mid-2000s and there was only the NatWest Tower and the Gherkin to be seen alongside St Paul’s.
  • I’m still always tickled by nominative determinism. Yes you, Mr Weed.

Next week: Proposals

The week in photos:

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