This week I have learned:

  • That a half-hour bike ride in the searing heat to meet with a potential client isn’t as bad as the half-hour bike ride in the searing heat back from a potential client.
  • I’m oscillating between “I’ve got this” and “I’ve no idea what I’m doing”. That’s normal. Need to embrace feeling like I’m an imposter once again – it means I’m doing new things, and that’s good.
  • I’m going to self-publish the PlayCards. No crowdsourcing, just a straight-up order some/sell some model. I learned a lot about using Shopify from organising the Jubilee Party so SaaS Online Commerce now holds no fears.
  • It was parents’ evening at the school this week. It was all done online, like some mad speed dating session. Eldest got glowing reviews (proud dad). Teachers look younger and younger. Even the older ones. Maybe they all have camera filters on, right?
  • That I continue to learn from the silly idea that is Coffee Rorschach. That people can see completely different things in the same data. That some people just don’t get it. That AI just sees a cup of coffee.
  • I also get a sense again that we are conflating “human-like behaviour” with sentience. That’s been going on since the Pooping Duck. An AI even if trained to see things other than coffee cups wouldn’t get pleasure from doing so.
  • It’s difficult not to raise an eyebrow when people start bandying terms like “omnichannel” around. It’s the “I really know what I’m talking about” desperation that comes through. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of the same.
  • I had forgotten that government (small g, not the big G totally hatstand stuff) is just SO DARN BIG.
  • Going into the office is a novelty. I love being able to be in Central London again, but practically to travel for 3 hours to sit at a desk mostly to do work on a computer or be in online meetings isn’t quite enough. Throw in the food on Leather Lane market, however, and…

Next week: Colleagues and clients old and new.

The week in photos:

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