This week I have learned:

  • that despite the worries (and my inherent republicanism), helping to organise the Jubilee Street Party was a delight and completely rewarding. I can’t walk from one end of the street to the other now without saying hello to someone I now know.
  • the 90-minute commute into town is refreshing in some ways, with the feeling of being back in connection to the real world outside of the bubble of TW11. However, 3 hours of stuff really does eat into time that could be spent working, sorting things out at home, or just doing nothing in particular but not worrying about what stop one is currently at. Trips in need to be used well, not to just have a day that I could have had at home.
  • catching up with one of the co-founders of the business this week was totally affirming. Equal Experts is different. Not by any means perfect (nothing is). But unpolitical, straightforward, curious and looking to do good work. That’s really nice.
  • it’s going to take a while to get a measure of the new role. It’s not anything that I haven’t necessarily done before, but, well…
  • there are lots of ideas emerging of how and where I can bring value. I’ve worked on all sides (provider, associate, client) of the triangle of things that the EE model brings together. Hopefully, that will hold me in good stead.
  • my phone died this week. All of a sudden. This is a 21st-century existential road trip. Obviously, I don’t use it to phone people. But it provides verification of my identity. It allows me access to banking and to travel. It even now allows me to gain access to the new office. Without it… well, I managed.
  • I’ve got two key things from that experience: always have a backup phone. Don’t buy hardware from software companies – their (Google) aftersales is shockingly bad.

Next week: the learning continues

The week in photos:

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