So with that, here’s to 2021. Hopefully a year that is a bit less tiring than the one we are seeing out.

Oh such optimism I had back at this time last year. Of course, as it panned out, 2021 has probably been even more exhausting than the year it proceeded. Partly the global stuff – pandemics, the economy, Brexit yada yada. Some of it more personal (not least Mrs B spending quite a bit of the year not very well, although thankfully she seems to be back on an even keel now).

Overall, 2021 was exhausting. No real end in sight for the Pandemic, and that base level of stress in everyone’s lives starting to take its toll.

So what fool predicts anything for the year ahead?

Work will be challenging as we face sector-wide challenges (fuel price increases, the continuing impact of Brexit and Covid on the building industry, NI increases, benefits cuts, inflation… a perfect storm) whilst we have to have the rubber hit the road on our big transformation programme.

WB-40 will continue to provide a community and a way to meet interesting people.

Watford will surprise me beyond belief if we don’t end up back in the second flight of English football.

The Playcards will hopefully progress towards publication in some form.

The genie will continue to be out of the bottle when it comes to more geographically distributed ways of working.

Here’s hoping that 2022 turns out a little less tiring that then last two…

The year in photos…

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