Where exactly has 10 years gone?

When I wrote the first of these little diary entries back in 2010 I didn’t really think that I’d still be doing them more than a decade later. Bar a couple missed during holidays, and one or two posted on a Saturday because the Friday was just too exciting, it’s been a religious habit for me. I don’t have many of those, or at least not many that aren’t bad for my health.

It’s a useful practice. It helps me to shut down for the week. It helps me to reflect. It helps me to give a little indication of what I’m up to so that other can keep track. It’s sustained me through three employers, and half a dozen years of free-range working.

Sometimes it’s explicit, sometimes a little more cryptic. It’s not overly complicated. It’s not a full-blown essay.

I really like doing #weeknotes. It’s a part of my working rituals now, and long that may be the case.

So here are this week’s…

Things I have learned this week:

  • there’s something a bit maudlin about the August Bank Holiday.
  • my world-class ability to procrastinate when faced with a deadline is still top-notch.
  • that looking up the origins of idioms that I don’t know before I use them is a fascinating exercise. It seems that for “Top notch”, for example, there’s no clear etymology.
  • full-blown, however, comes from flowers…
  • Going back to work, and going back to the office are not synonyms.
  • Going back into the office this week, for a few hours, was very weird.
  • The kids seem happy back at school, though.
  • You never can tell what is going to go proper viral.

Next week: Weeknote 501, natch.

The week in photos:

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