The earliest music-playing device that I owned was a cassette player, one of those oblong things that had a speaker in it at one end, the tape deck and then a handle. Hardly hi-fi.

But I loved it, and I loved the first few cassettes that I was given for it (alongside the blank ones on which I recorded stuff from the radio). For some reason I was given two tapes that from memory were special editions available from Marks and Spencer; an Elton John compilation album (more important to a kid growing up as a Watford fan in the early 80s than maybe to the average pre-teen) and Ultravox’s Rage in Eden.

I’d completely forgotten about both until starting this project, and listening back now to Rage in Eden is a bizarre experience because it takes me right back to those days of listening to music on the tape player in my bedroom. I’ve got no idea if it’s a good album or not because it is so loaded with memories from nearly four decades ago. I think it’s alright, though. If a bit early eighties.

You can see the #51for50 project to date here:

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