This week I have learned:

  • Many of the challenges facing social housing as a sector are far broader than bricks and mortar; economic deprivation, substance abuse, mental and physical health. Housing associations can’t possibly solve all of that. But we can focus on those things that we can control and influence.
  • Three simple questions: who will use it, what jobs will they use it for and how will it be better?
  • The delights of bringing people together.
  • An amazing observation from my mum: you can tell who sent you a letter merely from the handwriting on the envelope. You don’t get that with a text message.
  • Cardstock 1 has happened. It was wonderful. Cardstock 2 will be ace.
  • Tiny bits of cardboard give an opportunity to hack corporate culture by tapping into childhood and play.
  • Maybe the challenges with remote working are that offices actually don’t really work by we just manage to wing it in person.

Next week: budget time. Like Hammer Time but with more sensible trousers.

The week in photos:

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