I’m running a session this afternoon with my CxO priority cards. It’s online. So I have had to improvise…

What should end up on screen should look like this:


To achieve that my office currently looks like this:

Setup 2.jpgStarting on the left-hand side and going clockwise…

Nikon D5600 sitting on an old Velbon tripod attached by USB to my Asus windows laptop. Out of the box they don’t play ball, but the Sparkocam turns it into a webcam. There is an LED desklight sitting on top of one of my pair of Rokit 5 Monitors. They’re total overkill for this, but great for music stuff that I do.

The Iiyama monitor floats above the Behringer UMC1820 USB soundcard, into which I’ve got the Marantz MPM100 condenser mic. Again, the mic is probably a bit overkill for this, but Sparkocam can’t take the mic feed from the camera so I need something, so might as well use what I do for podcasting. The iPad is in it’s stand just to keep it out of the way. The cup of tea is optional.

All of this, in theory, should just then sit as a webcam and mic within Zoom. Finger’s crossed.

I sometimes worry I over-complicate things, but I do think this is a good illustration of the lengths that you need to go to to do something online that would be relatively trivial in person.

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