This week I have learned:

  • there is something in the Podcast Powered Projects thing. We have a client.
  • go in on spec, play card games, gain new client (probably). One of the most enjoyable 2 hours of my working life.
  • sometimes it’s basically a hard deadline you need to think laterally (and to pull one’s finger out). Et voila, Episode 100.
  • if you’re not counting the gap between idea and tangible manifestation of the idea that’s out there in hours (or at most days) you have too many self-imposed barriers in your way.
  • tangible manifestations are not the same as actual product. But you can still test with them.
  • I’m back in the saxophone thing. Hopefully this time it lasts (and that the neighbours don’t get too upset).
  • Dave Gorman taught me all I know about Powerpoint presentation. People should watch Dave more than bloody TED bollocks.

The week in photos:

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Next week: Episode 100.

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