Inspired by Chris King’s post (itself inspired by Matt Jukes’ post) a quick rundown of what makes up my normal carry bag when I’m heading to work at a place other than my home office at the beginning of 2019…


The Bag

A North Face Borealis. Probably overpriced, but the best work rucksack I’ve yet had. Also features a rare to find Freerangers badge.

Shopping Bag

You never know when you might need one in these post-plastic bag days.


Big Anker power-pack that has two USB sockets and enough juice for recharging both iPad and phone.

Cable bag and cables

Every so often this becomes a complete mess, but then I sort it out again.

ID Badge

To gain access to one of my client’s buildings.

Clicky thing

Targus USB presenter clicker and laser pointer for tormenting cats. Even though I don’t actually carry a laptop these days…


Sharpies and Pental Poster Pens (plus a random old OHP permanent marker that I probably nabbed from GDS).

Business cards

From Moo.

Antihistamine tablets

In case of histamine.

Artefact Cards

If you don’t know Artefact Cards, you should. They, quite frankly, piss all over PostIts for usability and niceness. These are in a lovely wallet that was in the Silicon Beach 2013 Swag Bag. Silicon Beach 2013 was where I launched Stamp, so that is a precious object to me.

PostIt Notes

Because you do occasionally need something sticky.

Fulton Umbrella

The things I have brand loyalty for are weird. No umbrellas other than Fulton Umbrellas thank you very much.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Totally changed my working life. No laptop. No paper notepad.

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