This week I have learned:

  • the sheer bloody opulence that 18th and 19th century wealth was able to afford.
  • that Facebook’s Workplace products biggest competitor is probably WhatsApp. Which is a problem for them.
  • I bloody love the World Cup.
  • I also love the new Watford kit.
  • IKEA is basically Lego for grown-ups.
  • An idea pushed gains traction…
  • … but whether it becomes successful or not is still much more complicated than just graft.
  • The legal profession fascinates me. I’m about to be provocative.
  • I feel I may have now turned a corner in my self belief that I can’t draw.
  • A big bookshelf full of books makes my office complete. Shame I’ve only bought them digitally for the past seven years.
  • I always enjoy a catch up with @Willsh

Next week: A cross-functional panel show, the first wild outing for the product and more football.

The week in photos:

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