This week I have learned:

  • No matter what help you offer, some men just don’t understand how current actions reinforce existing societal biases. It’s difficult to perceive privilege from a position of privilege, I guess.
  • There again, some men are just massive arseholes.
  • The free delivery option on Amazon is a bizarre thing, and mostly there to drive Prime memberships. I will not go down that route.
  • New work pops up from unexpected quarters.
  • I really do want to organise a gathering this summer. More details to follow.
  • Does planning lead to progress, or just the illusion of progress?
  • I hate PostIt notes.
  • Artefact Cards, however. Mmm.
  • The absolute balderdash being spoken about imaginary technology solving the customs and border issues is startling.
  • I got a new camera.

Next week: a weekend in the hills beckons.

The week in pictures:

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