This week I have learned:

  • every time, just every time I think that my support is waning something happens that reminds me once again why I’m a Watford fan.
  • we continue to discover new technologies that it’s hoped will supersede the need to change behaviours as a separate activity. They’re so alluring.
  • I should read more fiction.
  • if you do the two books free deal on Audible and then immediately cancel it might well then offer you a third book free. Intelligent algorithms my arse.
  • Talking of which, I’m still utterly bamboozled by why I was served ads this week for Bose headphones. Bose headphones for airline pilots.
  • Working through Charlie Brooker’s third series of Black Mirror inspires as well as terrifies.

Next week: half term. At least the trains will be quieter.

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