This week I have learned:

– there is much to be said for this weeknoting lark. A number of people around me seen to be using it as a gateway into working out loud.

– there is a fine line between working out loud and rampant self-publicity

– Tim Berners-Lee followed in his mother’s footsteps

– if you self-identify as a thought leader and try and connect with me on LinkedIn unsolicited I’ll ignore you.

– I spent the large part of one day this week knee-deep in spreadsheet and found myself wondering a) how anyone could do that full time and b) realising how it it does easily give the illusion of purposeful work. First in the queue when the robots take over.

– the podcast has hit new levels of fun, as has the associated WhatsApp group

– the new project is going to be fascinating- more on that next week.

– I’ve found another way to up the sound quality of WB40… This week’s recording will see if it works.

Next week: a tour of the major ports of Europe.

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