This week I have learned:

  • I do love running workshops. Especially when I get the chance to try out some new tricks.
  • Amsterdam to London is a bit of a schlep for a dinner. It was worth it, though.
  • I’m not the only one who thinks classical economics might be broken.
  • Doing pitches for work is ball-aching. Sitting on both either sides of enforced processes at the moment (with different clients I hasten to add) makes one realise the pseudo-scientific nonsense of it all; ludicrous contortions that do little to guarantee any future success. Hindsight is the only way to achieve guarantees of success.
  • It doesn’t seem like a year could have passed since GT left us.
  • The automotive industry is basically retail banking without customer deposits.
  • The best bit of WB40 is that it gives me the chance to talk to some really fascinating people.
  • I’ve pretty much completely forgotten how to use Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Next week: adventures continue.

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