Things I have learned this week:

  • As I start Stamp‘s European expansion, I do wonder at how easy it is currently to do business and sell my services to a client on continental Europe, and how unbelievably fucking miserable it’s going to get if we go ahead with a project that, as I saw recently put, will see an entire nation winning the Darwin Award.
  • I now have a trio of short (2-4 hour) education/training programmes up my sleeve: Time To Tinker: how to get more tinkering and play into your business;
    Lies, Damn Lies and Infographics: understanding what non-technical people need to know about Data
    Team Players: how to build a collaborative culture.

    If any of interest, do let me know.

  • That WB-40 will be a whole year old on Monday. We will be celebrating with an exciting new announcement.
  • With my terrible eyesight the ePassport systems installed at Heathrow and elsewhere are almost totally unusable.

This week’s reading list (stuff I’m reading, stuff I’m recommending):

This is Service Design Thinking  – a handy reference/toolkit

Remote – Office Not Required – advice on virtual teams in virtual environments

Going on the Turn – volume 3 of National Treasure Danny Baker‘s autobiography

Next week: Planning, Planning, Planning.


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