Following on from Wednesday’s experiments in marking up documents I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Evernote works better for me than OneNote. To an extent this is a choice akin to a Moleskine over a Leuctturm1917, mostly in the aesthetics. But there are a few points to rationalise it…

  • OneNote doesn’t support the Pencil natively – which means that you don’t get to vary marks through pressure (a subtle thing that does make the experience of writing on a screen much more natural)
  • It also means that OneNote is more susceptible to picking up touches of the hand on the screen and interpreting them as gestures to scroll or zoom. Choosing the pen holding preference (see the picture above) helps, but still doesn’t remove phantom gestures entirely. Evernote is much less susceptible.
  • On Evernote you can zoom into documents much further than you can in OneNote. I’ve been mind mapping, and have found that the ability to zoom in is something that enables a better way of working than on paper. It’s possible to start a new document in OneNote by first zooming out, but it’s not ideal.

These are very subtle differences, and I’m probably being over picky. But nonetheless I’m going to go back to Evernote after a couple of days in OneNote.

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