A day of chugging along with Evernote today. A few more suggestions from others about alternative software, but for the most part they are all iOS or iOS/MacOS only, so fail on the multiple platform test. However, Mark Wilson reminded me that OneNote is cross platform. I’d also forgotten that, unlike much of the Office suite, it’s also completely free. So I’ll switch over to that tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

One question I’m increasingly finding myself answering is what on earth to do with the Pencil when it’s not in use. It sort of magnetically sticks to the back of the keyboard cover, but you wouldn’t want to trust that. Not with a £100 pencil, anyway. Apple have a Pencil case which is £30. I refuse to drop myself that far into the Apple Cash Reality Distortion field. You can get a notebook self-adhesive elasticated pen loop for a couple of quid – that might provide an answer.

The other thing that I’m wondering is whether the use of Pencil will be significantly improved with the launch of iOS 11. I might make the switch earlier to Beta versions to find out…

2 thoughts on “The no-notebook experiment: day 2

  1. Following with interest. I tried going to making all my notes in OneNote for about 3 months although without pen/stylus input which is a it of a limiter. The thing I found that defeated me in the end was the inability to flip back through my notes of the last few days which is really how a paper notebook works for me. I have recently found OneCalendar which may help organise Onenote like that.

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