This week I have learned:

  • Some small businesses are being diddled by “cloud” providers providing sub-standard private hosting…
  • … but illusions of control hold them back from plunging fully cloudward.
  • It’s great to have a conversation with people who really understand the value in robust data modelling. Those people are very rarely self-identified Data Scientists.
  • I’m still not sure how you square wanting to provide only 60% of the desks required to sit 100% of your people when 100% of them want to be in the office on the same 60% of the week. Space and time need to be considered.
  • Finding a car parking space in Bristol is a nightmare.
  • There is an inherent unknown risk in bringing together a group of diverse strangers; this week at the Minimum Viable Workplace event we pulled it off. Well done to all concerned (check out WB40 Podcast on Monday to hear what happened).
  • It is, ultimately, all about the people. Changing attitudes and behaviours is really hard to measure. So we end up using crap proxy measures and then wonder why things don’t turn out as we expected. The answer isn’t better proxies; the answer is to stop measuring.

Next week: Last week of term. A trip to Brum. And the beginning of a design process.

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