So how far, exactly, can I stretch an analogy?

To date, my work around the book has been inspired by a simple tale that has come about from the observation of my kids playing Lego. Here’s original article.

It has evolved somewhat over the last 10 months (“free play” has become “tinkering”), and I’ve spoken to lots of people about it. It seems to resonate with most. I’ve even created a little game to illustrate the concept (involving, naturally, some boxes of Lego).

Can I string this whole thing out to a whole book? In the former structure of pseudo-business manual, possibly not.

But in new travelogue mode, well maybe. It gives a classification to the narrative. And maybe I need to now start to hunt out interesting people in the battle-combat and IKEA worlds. After all, the thesis isn’t that one mode is better than all of the others. More that you need a mix and we tend to neglect the tinkering.

As a tinkerer by nature I wonder also if this path might help me to see the value of a bit more following of rules and inductions…

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