This week I have learned:

  • someone with whom I was very close, yet hadn’t seen for about a decade, died. Over six years ago. And I only found out last Friday. The internet has no filter by which to break news like that gently.
  • there has been a lot of stocktaking as a result in the past seven days.
  • I’m a great believer in coincidence. Coincidences happen -it’s their nature. I can quite easily see, though, how coincidences could be misinterpreted into religion.
  • there have been an ongoing series of coincidences since the end of last year.
  •  I’ve also realised that whilst I have no truck with their purpose, some of the rituals of religion might be useful in of themselves. As a result I’m learning to meditate.
  • It’s been one of those weeks, really.

Next week: normalish service to resume.

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