Time for more of the old reflective stuff. Sing-a-long with your own favourite chart countdown music in your head…

10. The Money Siphon

A bit of a swipe at the tech startup investment world inspired by reading my book of the year, Dan Lyon’s Disrupted.

9. Digital poster children

And, as it happens, another bit of a swipe at the tech startup investment world…

8. Ripe for disruption

Just for balance, on the other hand traditional businesses shouldn’t rest on their laurels. Elements of this one are touched upon in this video:

7. Knocking up Powerpoint

On how “Can you just knock me up a couple of slides on that” can usually lead to a world of painful miscommunication.

6. Changing habits

On how thinking about habit (and even addiction) might be a better way of looking at how to approach organisational change than thinking about stages of grief…

5. A perfect storm

The various changes that are happening at the same time that means that we are seeing a significant shift in the world of information technology.

4. Technology doesn’t shape the future

A call to arms for non-technologists to stop thinking that inanimate objects shape our future. They don’t – we do.

3. Plus Ça Change

If the answer is “better technology”, you probably need to check your question again.

2. Changing lanes

Musings on the self-driving car.

and 2016’s most read article…

1. Black Boxes

What if all the drudgery that AI is about to free us from is actually quite useful?

So there you go. Stay tuned for more bloggage in 2017. 2017. Blimey, from where I come from 2017 used to be the future…   

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