This week I have learned:

  • trying to get clever with hardware is all well and good, but if you miss the fundamentals it matters not one jot
  • I’ve been a Chromebook fan for ages, but since embracing Android apps on ChromeOS a few weeks ago, it’s now entering a new phase of fanboidom
  • Chasing numbers appears to be the new human disease…
  • To that end, I have no idea how many people listened to the first WB-40 podcast, but there have been some nice comments made to us and it was jolly good fun. We’ll improve over time, and this coming week we’ll be discussing the impact of Brexit on technology, and how if change is the only constant, why don’t organisations organise themselves around it?

Next week: a week to focus on the book. And the podcast. And a proposal. And a few other bits. Which I realise is a very loose interpretation of the word “focus”.

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