Gamification – links

Had a wonderfully mind-stretching time this morning chairing a session for the Winmark L&D network with Nick Shackleton-Jones leading a discussion about Gamification.

The session spurred a number of thoughts for me – here are a few of the related links:

My own blogging 0n the subject: (includes photo of the marvellous Perspex box)

Recently about how habit might be a better model for thinking about change than the Change Curve: Changing habits

And a bit of a rant…

Books mentioned:

Charles Duhiggs’s Power of Habit
Nir Eyal’s HookedNir Eyal’s Hooked
Dan Lyon’s DisruptedDan Lyon’s Disrupted
Dave Eggers’ The Circle
and Sunstein & Thaler’s Nudge

The source of the “data as nuclear waste” metaphor is in this talk.

You can find more informatino about my research into collaboration Who Shares Wins at

and finally more about my book research into the broader topic of Play at The tools of mass creation


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