Things I have learned this week:

  • the website for requesting a new business bank account at HSBC is a horrorshow
  • The Sharing Organization project is GO!
  • (but that “z” is going to piss me off)
  • (so much for a global language)
  • Membership of The British Museum is possibly the best value co-working space in London. And you get a view of the Great Court and reading rooms. £60. A year. Don’t tell everyone.
  • Proudest Dad in the world when youngest started at school on Thursday
  • Polish beer is the best (I already new that, but if anyone knows where I can get my new favourite Tatra, please do share)
  • Polish hazelnut vodka is also quite exceptional
  • Last night was a farewell drinks from GDS, and I might have overdone the Tatra and the hazelnut vodka

Next week: CIO Summit and a talk involving the Beastie Boys, Kate Moss and chocolate with the inimitable @ToneEtc

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