I woke up early this morning. I had things on my mind. And the kids are away so I was perturbed by the silence in the house.

I checked my phone. I skirted through LinkedIn, Facebook. On Facebook there was a particularly irritating ad for Windows 10 proclaiming that it would allow me to “sign in with a smile” (but not without a new camera) and write and share stuff on the internet. Like blogger have been since the late 1990s, I suppose.

Windows 10. Oh yes, Windows 10 upgrade day.

I flicked across to the (free) Google Remote Desktop app and logged into my PC that sits vaguely unloved on the desk in our attic office. The update was available. I clicked to install. All from my phone, laying on my side in my bed. Without my glasses on.

So there we are. Twenty-odd years of using Windows. And the last ever upgrade I do (and I’ve been there all the way from Windows 3.1) I did from my phone. In my bed. Half asleep. And quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter. All I use it for these days is as a web browser and a file store for videos to stream to half a dozen non-Windows, non-PC devices around my house using Plex. That’s how the world has moved on.

2 thoughts on “The end of the PC era

  1. Microsoft have failed in end user markets. Though in development PCs are still needed. Again there is apple as well but google I think is still missing development PCs. Chromebook is focused to light usage like working with documents. But amount of people actually need PC is getting smaller and smaller. And that is good, why would everybody need heavy tools. It is like all people driving trucks.

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