Every year I have the same painful set of conversations. Who should I use for my home phone and broadband supply, and how the hell do I work out what it is that they might charge me.

So this year, something new.

I keep hearing that brands want to have conversations with customers over social channels. so how about this conversation:

It’s the virtual equivalent of walking into a shop and saying “I’d like to spend £700 please.”

And just as with the physical retail experience, I’m expecting that in some cases that quite blunt opportunity to sell will be met with blank stares and nose picking. In fact, I’m not at all hopeful that any of the potential suppliers will do anything other than point me to their contact centres of head mangling stupidity where I will be subjected to endless banality, “evidence” based on the results of dubious awards, nonsense about the technology itself, and repeated questions about myself that will lead me to lose the will to live.

Or maybe one of these companies will prove me wrong. Let’s see…

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