Quite remarkably, this Weeknote represents five whole years of me doing weeknotes. I’ve missed a few weeks when I’ve been on holiday, but other than that it’s a habit I’ve got into reasonably successfully.

It’s a useful habit. At the end of each week I get the opportunity to reflect, plan and generally take stock. It’s not a rigid process – and that’s probably why it’s become so much part of my working pattern. It also has become a handy way to demonstrate a broader pattern of open working (something I try do do as much as possible).

Sometimes they’re a bit cryptic, sometimes they are very brief (there have been dull weeks in the past five years). But they’ve been there, every Friday (or sometimes on a Thursday when I have had Fridays with my kids). Every week, since the first one.

So, what have I learned this week?

– juggling prospects with live clients is a big challenge…
– … but it’s a nice challenge to have
– I really hope that we do get another chance to change our voting system in my lifetime…
– … but at least the General Election has put Sheffield Wednesday’s last minute equaliser last weekend into some sort of proportion

Next week: Digital Shoreditch and the Surrey Software Meetup

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