Since the summer of 2013 I’ve been doing a regular investigation into the social networking habits of the FTSE100 companies, and in particular of their CEOs.

Next week will see the publication of the sixth edition, and some of the highlights coming from the analysis so far include:

  • 33 CEOs now have LinkedIn profiles of some description, but only 22 of them have made new connections in the six months since July 2014
  • 12 CEOs have Twitter accounts, but only 7 of them have actually tweeted since July
  • There are only 5 FTSE100 CEOs who are active on both LinkedIn and Twitter (although that’s up from just 3)
  • There are now only 6 FTSE100 companies who don’t have some sort of corporate Twitter presence, and all but one manage their Company LinkedIn pages
  • FTSE100 companies now have 5.8 million followers on their corporate Twitter presences
  • 10.6 million people are following FTSE100 companies on LinkedIn
  • There are just under 1.4 million FTSE100 employees on LinkedIn, but 900 thousand of them won’t find their own CEO on the network

In next week’s report you’ll find deeper analysis, the top 10 ranking of #socialCEOs, profiles of all of the 100 companies and much more besides. It’s going to be a data-heavy edition this time around.

To get the report delivered straight to your inbox, just sign up at

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