Another rollercoaster year, but 2014 was one where it felt, at least towards the second half of the year, like it was beginning to make some sort of sense.

Business has started to pick up, and I enter the New Year with a number of things in the pipeline. That’s very different from where I was at 12 months ago. I’m coming to terms with the “never more than three months from poverty” though…

What this year has taught me beyond all else, though, is that it’s going to take a hell of a lot for me now to get “a job” again. Juggling multiple clients and multiple projects, and having a sense of control over my own destiny as a result, has been remarkably liberating. 2014 has also made me realise that I thrive when I have such diverse stimulation – as I put it to somebody recently the opportunity to be perpetually naive about things because everything is perpetually new to me. In a world where things are changing it’s one thing to draw on past experience, but quite another to think that the answer is a given.

There are quite a few interesting projects potentially in 2015, some that are clearly mapped out, some that are in negotiation, and others that I have no idea about yet. I’m looking forward to what the new year has in store!

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