In the summer I started to use the LinkedIn publishing service to cross-post things from my own blog onto the business social network. Although the editing tools are a bit ropey, and the reporting non-existent, people seem to be commenting on LinkedIn articles a lot more than on my own site (mostly I guess because I’ve had to force people to log into the WordPress site to comment to keep spam at bay – and by default people are already registered and logged into LinkedIn).

So after about six months of using the service, here’s the last countdown for the year – the Top Ten Posts on LinkedIn:

10 – Enterprise Apps – Progress so far

A follow up to what was the most popular post I had this year (more of that in a moment)

9 – #anticulturevist

News of an event coming to London at some point in the first few months of 2015

8 – A senior job title, a big brand, a pretty picture…

Some thoughts on how easy it seems for people to set up Spam accounts on LinkedIn

7 – Why do we still need phones?

Just what it says on the tin.

6 – Career Planning

A piece of crowdsourcing that turned into a presentation for a client earlier this month.

5 – Engineering Serendipity

Thoughts on generating some of your own luck.

4 – Big Data – it’s really not magic

One of a few posts I’ve written on the hype that is Big Data.

3 – Talking in Crowds

Most people don’t speak when in a group of any size. Why should we expect anything different when people are online?

2 – Early Adoption

Why early adopters shouldn’t expect prior evidence (and how CEOs appear to be a pretty risk-averse bunch)

1 – What the heck is an enterprise app?

Reflections on the news of Apple & IBM partnering around Enterprise Apps (and demonstrating the power of having a post featured on the front page of LinkedIn, with over 5,000 views of this post to date).

So there we go. A busy year of blogging in 2014. Here’s to the next one!

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