Back in January I caught up with Mark Chillingworth for a cup of coffee at the British Library. Mark is Editor in Chief of CIO Magazine in the UK, and one of the upshots of that meeting was that he asked if I would start contributing a column to his online service. On January 20th my first Blog post on CIO was published.

My writing on my own site is fairly rough and ready – it’s snippets of ideas, sometimes reasonably well thought through, sometimes more stream of consciousness or something that I can’t express in the diminutive text of Twitter. When I write for CIO it’s for an audience, and I tend to take more time to think about who I am writing for. The articles I think are somewhat different as a result. Here are the top five from the first year of being a contributor:

5. CIOs – what’s stopping you?

In an era when many senior technology leaders are trying to be seen as digital leaders, do their own actions (or inactions) belie the realities of their aspirations?

4. Digital starts at home

Similarly, it’s great for CIOs to be rethinking their role, but important that they don’t completely turn their back on the traditional systems upon which businesses depend.

3. Music nerd’s guide to digital transformation

Different scales of digital transformation, drawing on the experiences of the music industry.

In the era of Cloud, why do we still have to buy software subscriptions through third parties?
And the most popular post on CIO was about the stages of digital transformation organisations traverse.

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