This morning saw the culmination of about five months’ work – the release of the research report that I’ve investigated and compiled over this summer for IG Digital, and the event organised in conjunction with social PR firm Zoodikers at which we launched.

The research involved me speaking with or online interrogating people from 65 organisations across the UK, from marketing, communications, technology, customer experience and general management backgrounds. The audience of about fifty people in Bloomsbury today represented a similar sort of diversity, and my co-presenter from Zoodikers, Katie King comes from a very different background to my own. All of this further convinces me of the benefits of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and experience to discuss and debate the ways in which organisations should address change. Established communities of professional interest too often get trapped into group thinking, and the reinforcement of “the way we do things”. The debate at the end of our presentation today was wonderful.

Having said all that, tomorrow I go in the opposite direction when I attend CIO Magazine’s annual shindig, with 140 or so UK technology leaders gathering together in London. It’s going to be interesting to hear where that professional group are at today.

You can see the slides, sign up to the report (and in a few days’ time watch our presentation) at

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