Over the course of this summer I’ve had the fascinating opportunity to talk to dozens of people from organisations across the UK exploring the ways in which they are using digital, social and traditional channels to engage with customers. Next month the results of that work are going to be published in a white paper by IG Digital.

The big news? Well, above all else it’s what a variable state organisations are at in the moment. Social and digital channels are in use, often in an ad hoc manner, and ownership if clear is usually sitting with Marketing. How integrated are these new channels with traditional modes of communication like telephone or (even) email? Usually the answer is “not very”.

Social today is very much “media” rather than “network” for most public and private sector organisations. They form channels to broadcast rather than conduits to converse. But even that is changing how sometimes very traditional businesses are operating – evidenced by how hard it is often now for organisations to succinctly describe what it is that they do.

The report contains detailed analysis on our findings, and also a breakdown of some of the industry sectors we spoke to (in particular, Technology Media and Telecoms (TMT), Business Services, Financial Services and Education).

We’ll be launching the report on Tuesday September 23rd at an event we are co-hosting with Zoodikers as part of Social Media Week London.

You can register for the event here, and you can register to receive a copy of the report when it’s published here.

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