Over the past six months I’ve been working with Dr Richard Hale who is one of the world’s greatest authorities in a people development methodology known as Action Learning. He and I have been thinking about ways in which his rich, proven and academically substantiated frameworks can be delivered in a way that can help people in organisations become more innovative.

The results of this collaboration are going to be forming a pilot project this September in what we are (at the moment) calling the Innovation Engine. We are looking for half a dozen volunteers to take part in this exciting next stage.

Why would you want to take part? Well, if you have challenges in your job that are about improving or changing what you and your team do (rather than “doing the day job” itself), we believe that the Innovation Engine can help. Ideas for new products or services, ways to improve quality or effectiveness, ways to keep ahead of your competition – Innovation Engine provides a way for you to progress that provides structure, motivation and support.

What will Innovation Engine entail? We’ll be combining technology with a robust and proven method and world-class expertise. You’ll be provided support, direction and motivation over a short 6-week sprint.

Why do we think Innovation Engine will work? Well, because it’s designed in such a way to overcome some of the core barriers that organisations place in the way of innovation as they scale and structure themselves.

If you would like to find out more, please drop us a line at


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