One of the things that has come up a lot from others when launching into this mobile-only experiment is that the screen on a mobile phone just isn’t big enough to completely replace a laptop.

Screen size is subject to two measures – physical screen size, and pixel size. The Nexus 5 that I have turns out to be the biggest screen I own in terms of pixels – full HD 1920×1080. By comparison, my still-in-the-cupboard Asus ChromeBook only sports a 1366×768 screen, but is more than double the diagonal physical size at 11.6″ – so in short I can get less on a bigger space on my laptop in comparison to my phone.

The other element, though, that surprised me was the comparison of the Nexus screen with that of an iPhone. I know that at least one of the people saying that this was only viable on a Tablet is an iPhone user. The picture at the top of this article shows (roughly) an iPhone 5s screen superimposed full-scale on the screen of the Nexus (it’s a screen capture from my phone). The Nexus is just about useable for anything I’ve tried on it so far. I could see that on an iPhone screen that might not be quite the case. I can also see that an HDMI-compatible monitor at home would be necessary to do this full-time.

Today’s been a day of meetings. This is the first time I’ve sat down to type using the keyboard and mouse and, to be frank, I feel like a bit of a plonker with my accessories out in a dark corner of a Caffe Nero. That sounds like a terrible euphemism, and double entendre is my stock response to feeling uneasy. I’m sure it will pass.

Hooking up the mouse and keyboard also seems to have introduced a bit of lag into typing. It’s a bit like the old days of computing in that regard, as you occasionally wait for the words on screen to catch up with the typing. I like that – it makes me feel like a really proficient touch-typist. On a more serious note, though, switching between full keyboard and on-screen job again is reinforcing how hit and miss predictive text is these days. Talk to me about The Singularity only when that particular functionality is fixed.

Bluetooth moused-up now following a quick trip to Tottenham Court Road first thing, and I’m fully equipped. One other side benefit of being mobile-only is that I’m just about always-networked. My plan with Giff Gaff gives me unlimited data, but only for use on the phone. Tethering with a laptop is blocked (as I found out with a false-positive incident a few months ago when they’d somehow picked up that my phone was using a Bittorrent client). Now I have no laptop, I have no problems with connectivity.

Well, until tomorrow. A trip to Amsterdam beckons, and whilst travelling mobile-only is great, the Giff Gaff international charging is, quite frankly, pants. A quick stop in Schiphol to find a reasonably-priced SIM-only pay as you go deal beckons on my route into the city. Any recommendations gratefully received!

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