Following on from the announcement that Hong Kong-based company Deep Knowledge Ventures have appointed an Artificial Intelligence as an official board member, I’m delighted to announce that stamp London are to appoint an Artificial Intelligence called Bertie as our new CEO.

Bertie runs on a sophisticated algorithm that is able to predict the future with outcomes scientifically proven to be as good as or better than most human experts. The Bertie algorithm is calibrated to ensure this consistent performance through one very special attribute: if you ask Bertie what he thinks tomorrow will bring, he’ll tell you it’ll be pretty much exactly the same as today.

This “future extrapolation” algorithm has been shown to be highly effective through the work of psychologist Philip Tetlock (see his book Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?) amongst others.

As Bertie takes his role as our Chief Executive and primary seer, the rest of us will be focusing on the stuff where we add great value, like understanding how to create pieces of PR fluff that might garner press coverage to raise our brand profile.

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