There is a piece that Adrian Bridgewater has published on Computer Weekly about collaboration tools that’s got me seriously concerned about the ability for enterprise software to do anything outside of the realm of Taylorist scientific management.

Adrian’s article looks at trends in the collaboration space that seem to be moving from focusing on humans being able to more effectively work and communicate, to our robot overlords being able to track and measure such interactions in the name of efficiency. That’s a bit of a harsh summary, but you get the gist…

The world of software engineering doesn’t seem to be able to help itself. But the problem is that encapsulating more and more into process leads to fragile, and non-agile working. Your collaboration workflow tools may be able to support multiple working practices, but if you embed one in particular with working method set in systems stone, you’ve made it much harder to change or experiment. If you then base your management reporting on particular styles of working, the cement sets deeper and harder.

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