There is a great article that Rob Brown has published in the aftermath of the conviction of publicist Max Clifford. He argues that the PR industry has been lax in allowing one man (Clifford) to become the de facto representative of the entire world of public relations. It’s failed to address Cobbler’s Child syndrome, and needs to do something about it.

Cobbler’s Child syndrome, though, is something that appears to be remarkably common across industries. We become so focused on providing things to our clients and customers that we end up doing things that they pay us to help them avoid.

Want to find crappy IT systems? Look at what the IT department has done to support its own operations. Want to see how not to get your brand image across? Look at the confused mess that is the average marketing agency Web site. Want a crappy Mobile experience? Look at a Mobile telco’s website on a phone. Never buy a house from a builder…

Why are we so often so bad at doing to ourselves what we would expect others to allow us to do for them? Time, priorities, cash flow, expense… I’m sure the list goes on. But the PR industry is potentially now finding out the cost.

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