Well, that was quite a year.

This time last year I was musing on a previous 12 months of quite substantial change – but it’s been nothing in comparison to 2013. Leaping from the Corporate employee world into setting up stamp London, it’s been quite a journey.

Whilst the new business is certainly taking longer to gestate that I was hoping, the simple truth is that I’m way happier today than I was working in an organisation where I never really fitted. I learned a lot about the supplier side of the IT industry from my two years in Thames Valley Park, but above all else I learned that I want to be helping people make sense of how technology and people and business can work together to become more fulfilling, rather than just focusing on flogging licenses or subscriptions.

In the past four months, the proposition for stamp has evolved. It started with a few ideas about where there appeared to be gaps in the market – and now I have a handful of potential clients right at the centre of where I want the business to be: helping to make strategic sense of how digital technologies impact across an organisation, and how to chart a course through that disruption. Quite how that then scales out to something more than a sole trader consulting business I’m not yet sure, but watch this space.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me on this crazy project so far, and here’s to an exciting (and hopefully revenue-generating) 2014.


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