In the next hour I’ll be handing over my staff pass, my laptop and my phone, and getting the TVP shuttle bus to Reading Station as I leave Microsoft for the last time as an employee. It’s a time of mixed emotions; in many ways last Friday, the last day that my kids attended the onsite nursery, felt like a proper last day. Today is mopping up, handing over and heading off.

Over the past few months I’ve spoken with a load of people about what I might do next in my career; the idea of setting up my own thing has increasingly appealed over the past decade, but has always felt like a massive gamble. I’m now coming to the conclusion that the risks involved are no greater than those of working for a big corporate, and in many ways you have far greater control over your own destiny working outside of the corporate machines. Time will tell in the coming weeks.

Today’s emotions include excitement, fear and a sense of frustration that I’m making the leap in the middle of the holiday season (never a good time to do anything, let alone business development). But at least that gives me the opportunity to take stock and spend some time with my kids in advance of what’s likely to be a fairly bonkers time.

So, farewell TVP. And hello Stamp.

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