I Am 3

The 156th weeknote. Which means 3 years’ worth, if my maths still works. Actually, it’s a bit more than three years ago that I wrote the first one of these, as I have taken time off and not written them when on holiday and the like since this in May 2010.

Back then, I had just done my first presentation at an Ovum event talking about experiences of moving Imagination to the Google Apps platform, and was preparing for a two week trip to Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The three and a bit years that have passed since then have seen me do a whole stack of things, and learned so much. The three years ahead are both incredibly unclear, and also incredibly exciting.

I’ve surprised myself in many ways by keeping this weeknote thing going – but I’ve found it a really useful tool personally (a way of taking stock at the end of each week – it’s a recurring appointment for Friday afternoons in my diary), and I know a few people who use it as a way to occasionally check in with what I am up to.

And with that…

Achievements this week included:

– some dates to work to
– interesting connections made
– and an idea when I’ll be able to get a little less cagey about this stuff

Next week: going oop North (virtually)

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