Pedigree Chum

Whilst I’m off optimistically sunning myself in South Wales, I thought I’d get a few more of these rubbish metaphors off my chest.

Second up – the concept of “Dogfooding”, aka “Eating your own dogfood”, aka running beta tests of new products amongst one’s own staff before putting in front of real customers.

Where, exactly, does this one come from? Well, the bastion of all knowledge that is Wikipedia isn’t entirely sure. The source was either a pet food company that fed their own dogs their own product, or a pet food company exec who would eat his own product. Neither of their explanations are a good metaphor: either all of the staff in a tech company are dogs, or, even worse, we think that testing something with an inappropriate audience (ie people not dogs) is a good idea.

I’ve heard it rumoured that mobile giant Vodafone refer to “drinking our own champagne”, which I guess is aspirational if a little overblown. But the advice that I’d give as a result of all of this is never accept a dinner invitation from a tech company exec. Not unless you’re partial to a little Pedigree Chum for supper, anyway…

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