There is a business that I pass on my drive to work most mornings that sells signs. Big signs, small signs, signs for the side of a van, signs for putting in a window. I know all of this because you can’t help but notice that they sell signs because of all of the signs that festoon the front of their property. If you wanted a sign, you would know that you could buy one there.

If I wanted a sign, it’s the very last place I would go. Whilst they obviously make and sell signs, it strikes me that they don’t have the first clue in how to use them. And if I wanted something to have a sign on it, I’d go somewhere that was a little bit more, well, subtle.

And yet the front of this sign shop reminds me of far too many sales presentations I’ve seen over the years. “Look at my product! NO LOOK! It’s GREAT!! It’s A PRODUCT! AND I HAVE LOTS OF THEM!!!!”

Would a more appropriate starting point for the sign shop be a subtle (yet visible) question: Do you need a sign?

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