After a software update this morning, I was presented with the “browser choice” window after I logged into my PC. It struck me that there was very little variation in the way in which the words to describe the options available were chosen by the marketing folk responsible for these tiny adverts. Put simply, there isn’t going to be a “slow browser” revolution…

Of the twelve browsers on offer, ten included the words “speed” (3) or “fast” (7). That’s the hook that it seems the browser producers (or at least the marketers working for them) think is the key for consumers to choose their product. After that, there is a surprising amount of variation – see below.

Browser adjectives

If anyone would like to play a game of browser-adjective bingo, the twelve browsers that appeared were (in the order they were listed): Opera, Firefox, Maxthon, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Rockmelt, Avant, FlashPeak, K-Meleon, SRWare Iron, Lunascape and Comodo.

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