As of next week, I’m going to be hot desking. This is a personal choice as the department has a minor office move, and given the option I’m going to throw in my hat to the nomadic desk jockey way of life. It scares me.

I like my possessions around me. Even more so in these days when the only things that surround me at home are the plastic tat belonging to the kids. But as I packed up my (paper) books into boxes to take home, I realised that they never get looked at, especially in these days when my reading is all in eBook format.

I’m a creature of habit. By that, I mean that I’m a human. Going to the same desk every morning is a learned behaviour that I’ve got used to, but one that I’m going to unlearn.

I’ve never been entirely convinced by the merits of open plan offices (smaller group spaces strike me as the best bet), nor hot desking, as both strike me as more in to the benefit of office space utilisation ratios than empowering people to work more effectively. But heck, time to put cynicism aside and properly try to make it work. After all, the peripatetic working life I live in London I find quite liberating, flitting from client office to coffee shop to (my current favourite place to meet and work) the main atrium in the British Museum.

So, as of next week, I’m going to be working where makes sense for the work I’m doing. And will be seeing how I can use the technology around me to make it work better.

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