A personal Social Media strategy for 2013…

…or, maybe more accurately, a bit of a stock take on how I’m using social media at the moment.

Personal Life

Is basically Facebook. Occasionally I’ll stray into subjects that are work-related on the network, but more than anything I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends (who are on it). Topics of conversation there will be the day-to-day of modern life, parenting, the state of Watford Football Club and similar tittle-tattle. There’s a lot in picture form these days too, and even the odd video.

Professional Life

LinkedIn, or “Facebook for the boring” as I prefer to think of it. I’ve been using LinkedIn since 2004, love it, and find it’s remarkably useful from a number of perspectives:

  • keeping tabs on my professional network
  • publishing out content (usually from my blog)
  • researching companies and people

I occasionally dabble with the groups, but increasingly less as time goes on.

Somewhere in between

Twitter is still  invaluable for me, both as a source of news and a place for conversations. I love the precision that the 140 character limit places on the way in which one phrases things. Most of the time my conversations are work-focused, but there is much that is more trivial. It’s a place I can notify of longer-form content on my blog, or to share photos.

My blog is the place for longer form content, and is running on a hosted WordPress service. I use a tiny amount of the functionality provided, and every so often try to remember to associate photos to articles though more often than not I fail.

Finally, I do find I use Instagram a fair bit, cross-posting to Twitter and/or Facebook when I think it’s something appropriate.

The ones I’m not sure about

If you use any Google services, it seems it’s increasingly difficult to escape Google+ these days, as the service becomes increasingly interwoven into other services. I think my problem with it is that it’s neither fish nor fowl – it lacks the immediacy of Twitter because people can ramble (I should I know: I can ramble with the best of them). I am starting to see more interesting conversations happening there, though, so am going to persevere…

YouTube kind of happens for me by default, yet videos I’ve made or appear in have racked up over 8,000 views, which is a bit frightening. Must pay more attention to it.

I know I should use Yammer more than I do, but with so much of my work focused externally, closed social gardens feel kind of wrong to me. That says more about me than about Yammer, though.

I’ve never got my head around FourSquare. Must be an age thing.

And I also worry about whether I want Spotify to be a social network, mostly because I fear I will be judged on the basis of my wife’s music tastes.

Will be interesting to see if and how all of this changes in the forthcoming 12 months. The main trend that I do see is the increasingly closed nature of all of the social networks as they appear to be trying to monetize through getting people to visit their specific web and app destinations. Already in the past few months I’ve lost the ability to post to Twitter and it be replicated on by LinkedIn status, and to be able to publish my blog to LinkedIn as well.


So I will undoubtedly start to get to remember other stuff I use along the way, so first off thanks to Chris Weston for mentioning Pinterest. Have signed up. Barely use. In fact, really haven’t used. In NLP terms, I’m more kinaesthetic and auditory than visual, so whilst I like pictures, I really looking for an olfactory social network.

I also have to admit to using Flipboard a heck of a lot these days to consume information from feeds. Just waiting for a day when I can use it on work devices without having to much around with Bluestacks.

3 thoughts on “A personal Social Media strategy for 2013…

  1. Happy New Year Matt 🙂 Basically, my experience is What You Said, except I’m not in any circumstances going to align myself with my wife’s musical tastes, social benefit or no. I don’t get Pinterest either, to be honest.

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