Top 20 posts of 2012 – 15 to 11

Continuing the countdown:

At number 15, the “My manager is a ****er” theory“, an old post that I referred back to a few times about the challenges that new managers face when confronted with the knowledge that their own managers aren’t actually superhuman and so therefore don’t have all the answers.

At 14, one of a few posts this year about the use of positive reinforcement as part of good systems design: Positive reinforcement and business systems.

At 13, Meta-IT looked at the value in services that tie together other services.

At number 12, The death of the pyramid principle? looked at how traditional newspaper story construction might be part of the reason why newspapers have struggled so much to evolve in the web era.

And finally for this section, at number 11, and for no good reason I can work out, Weeknote 101: the one that people are scared of…

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