ITDF Captain’s log 2: consumerisation, neuroscience and black swans

An interesting day aboard MS Aurora:

A good reception to my session first thing, with a group of senior IT folk grappling with the challenges that consumerisation and raised expectations are having on managing technology in a corporate environment. There aren’t any easy answers, but there certainly seemed to be appetite for change.

Susan Greenfield gave a somewhat controversial keynote suggesting that technology is leading to higher IQs and better short term memory, but also greater risk taking, less sense of self identity and a decline in empathy. Some criticism was aired at lunch after the session, particularly on her views about computer gaming (described by one delegate in the session as a “Daily Mail view” of gaming (although I don’t think she implied that a console will give you cancer and cut the value of your house…)

I also spent an intriguing hour listening to the preliminary results of research from Alex Budzier from the University of Oxford into data from over 2,000 IT and engineering projects from across the globe. There findings seem to challenge some core assumptions held about success of projects, and the output from the work will be worth looking out for when it is published.

More tomorrow…

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